People at CERN

Dr. Tim Smith

Group Leader, Collaboration and Information Services

Tim Smith works in the CERN IT Department leading a group that provides services for the 10,000 strong CERN user community covering the domains of Audio Visual, Conferencing, Document Management and ePublishing. This includes a team which develops, installs and maintains instances of Invenio, the CERN Open Source Digital Library system which powers the CERN Document Service. He is heavily involved in initiatives to drive digital archives at the institutional and subject level and to populate them with content of a broad range of media types, exemplified in the MultiMedia Archive which contains 30TB of open access photos and videos. He is one of the driving forces behind INSPIRE, the next-generation HEP subject repository. He actively participates in the OpenAIREplus EC-funded project.

His group also includes a team which develops, installs and maintains instances of Indico, the CERN Open Source conference and meeting management system which powers CERN Indico and over a hundred other instances around the world. Another of his teams devlops and runs the webcast service, extending science communication into new realms, exemplified by the 2012 Higgs-like particle Seminar which reached half a million people. Further services under his responsibilitly include audio visual and video conferencing.

Prior to this task he led teams responsible for computing farm management and physics data management, innovating in both fields to drive capabilities up by orders of magnitude, contributing to the development of tools such as Quattor. He was a work-package manager of the DataGrid project, the forerunner of EGEE. He holds a PhD in Physics and performed research at the LEP accelerator for 10 years before moving to IT.

Chair, Harassment Investigation Panel

Former Equal Opportunities Advisary Panel Chair; contributing to creation of Ombuds and Diversity Offices.

Other Active Initiatives/Responsibilities

IT Technology Transfer Officer
IT representative on the CERN Scientific Information Policy Board
Task forces: Data Protection Policy, Open Source Software Licencing, MultiMedia Licencing

Contact information

  • CERN, CH-1211 Geneve 23, Switzerland